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Red Prez

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Hello! I’m Red Prez!

I’m Red Prez. I like to make things. I’m good at designing clean and minimal logos, I like to make music, and I’m learning how to code! I like to listen to Electronic Music, Deathcore, Alternative Rock, Lofi, and Jazz. It’s been a long time since I listened to jazz, but I like it still. Anyways, see what I do. I love to make things so see what I’ve made so far!



I haven’t taken much, but I would love to take more. Anyways, see what photographs I have taken. Some of them are actual, real photographs. Some are just joke ones. Anyways, see what I’ve tooken!


I’ve made a fair bit of music, but I would like to make more. I would love if you checked out what I made already!


Helsinki, Finland


+1 (624)YEA-HNO

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